Residential Services

Free, On-Going Consulting!
As part of our customer service, we will act as your “one-stop shop” for all your telephony issues.  Our experienced staff can diagnose any telephony problems and contact telephone companies or other vendors on your behalf whenever you have a repair issue.  We can also help you compare available telephone services that can save you money!

Voice Mail
Our services range from a single, stand-alone voice mailbox to voice mailboxes for every member of your family!

Message Notification/Delivery: Email and/or Text
Delivery – have voice messages delivered to your email or cell phone! In email, click the attached file to listen to the voice message. From your cell, simply tap the attachment to listen!
Notification – simply receive a notification that you have a message; you will then need to log into your voice mailbox to listen to the message.

Unified Messaging
You will have the ability to use the same voice mail at multiple locations. For example, we can program your cell phone to use the same voice mailbox. This will allow you to have just one location to check for messages.

Local Number Portability
Under the FCC’s rules, as long as you remain in the same geographic area, you can switch service providers and keep your existing phone number.  Service Solutions can maintain your number no matter where you are!



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