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Service Solutions ~ Authorized Vendor for the State of Minnesota.

Anyone can sell you “Cookie Cutter” voice services & equipment and, if your business is making cookies, that may be enough. But at Service Solutions, we review all of your requirements and design the service to your unique business needs. Our holistic approach includes reviewing your current phone company charges and recommending changes that may reduce your bill! In some cases, we can save more than the cost of our services: giving you more for less!

Free, On-Going Consulting!
As part of our customer service, we will act as your “one-stop shop” for all your telephony issues.  Our experienced staff can diagnose any telephony problems and contact telephone companies or other vendors on your behalf whenever you have a repair issue.  We can also help you compare available telephone services that can save you money!

Record a conversation and keep the file on your computer as long as needed, or you can forward the recording to other authorities!  Ideal for investigators!  Save-a-Call may be initiated PRIOR to making the call or AT ANY TIME during the call and will record for up to 1 hour per interview!

Call Logs with Caller ID
Call log reports may be generated for individual numbers or groups of numbers, or for the entire service! Particularly useful when a caller declines to leave their phone number, or to document harassing callers.

Alert Anywhere
Alert service that can quickly locate every member of your emergency team!  Alerts may be sent via phone, email, and text message! Receive reports for each call and the alerted parties can even leave a message for you!

Call Routing
Our routing services can supplement or even replace traditional routing equipment! Does your staff operate out of the office? Our routing services keep your staff available wherever they are.

Open faxes in email! Password protect your confidential fax documents! Send faxes directly from your computer! RediFAX can eliminate your need for a FAX line, saving money every month!

Calls In Queue
As a part of our routing services, the caller can choose to remain on hold until your staff is available. While they are waiting, the service can play a customized message and/or music. If your staff is still unavailable after a couple of minutes, the caller will be asked to leave a message.

Music & Message On Hold
Your callers can hear a customized message and music while waiting to speak with you.

Mobile Office
Routes your callers to your staff wherever they are.  No need to maintain staff in your physical office just to answer the phone!

Unified Messaging
You will have the ability to use the same voice mail at multiple locations. For example, we can program your cell phone to use the same voice mailbox. This will allow you to have just one location to check for messages.

Local Number Portability
Under the FCC’s rules, as long as you remain in the same geographic area, you can switch service providers and keep your existing phone number.  Service Solutions can maintain your number no matter where you are!

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