Call Routing Services

With our advanced call routing capabilities, including Calls-In-Queue, Find-Me and Mobile Office, our callers can reach you live – any time, anywhere.

Our routing services are custom designed to best fit your needs. In most cases, our customers can significantly reduce their phone company costs by eliminating unneeded extra lines.  With “Mobile Office” and other unique routing designs, some customers have eliminated the need for a physical office!

Add Custom Music & Message to your service and your callers can hear important information while they wait!

Routing Services

Reasons To Use Service Solutions’ Routing Services

  • Service Solutions will never be outdated!
  • Callers will never get a busy signal!
  • Service Solutions’ service will change and grow with you and can be redesigned when and as you choose!
  • When your electricity goes out, your service will still take calls and can be accessed by you!
  • Service Solutions’ service can be fully expensed!


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